Ordu beach is one of the beautiful beaches of the Turkey; you can feel the magic beauty of the Black Sea there. You can enjoy this beach yourself alone or also with your family, it is a dynamic place hosting many events. Ordu beach is a unique option to those who wants to relax and have a nice time.

Ordu beach is a peaceful and calm route, to get away from the chaos of everyday life, for those who making the list of the places to visit in Ordu. There are approximately 6.5 kilometers of bicycle and walking path on the beach. You can rent a bicycle using the automats on the beach and start your beach tour; and you can pass from the Mostar Bridge, which named after the Ottoman heirloom Mostar Bridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina, built on the Civil River and joins both sides of Ordu coast. If you want to make a walk on the beach in a summer evening, you can stop by the kiosks selling corn, candy, walnut halva (a sweet prepared in many varieties with sesame oil), which is a local flavor, and other various handcrafted products, you can feel the sincerity of the local people and also enjoy the beauty of the beach.

Ordu beach is especially designed to meet the requirements of the families with children. There are playgrounds all over the beach and there is also a skate park. While children play next to the beach, their families can enjoy making picnic on the benches and pergolas, or have fun in cafes.

You can easily reach Boztepe with a 2,350 meter long cable car travel from the Ordu beach. You can watch the harmony of the green and blue and the magnificent beauty of Ordu from above, while travelling with the cable car.

Also, on the beach, before using the cable car, you can visit the Çivisiz (nail-free) Mosque or
you can see the Upside Down House, which there are many similar ones in the world but the only one was built in the Black Sea Region. We recommend to you to have fun in the Upside Down House and don’t forget to shoot funny photos.

You can swim safely on the Ordu beach supervised by lifeguards, moreover, a water park for children to have fun; an adventure park where they can spend energy through competitions; and also there is a climbing park to fulfill the climbing
wish, the fad of every child.

There are wide beaches in the every part of the Ordu coast and it is located just a 15 minute walk from the city center. The beaches are well-kept and professional lifeguards are available for the safety of the swimmers. Also, there are dressing rooms, showers and toilets that are cleaned frequently on the beaches.

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