The visitors from other cities call the Fidangör, the oldest street of Ordu, as “The Beyoğlu Street of Ordu”. Warm smiles, nice welcome from restaurants you enter, and friendly talks will accompany you during your Fidangör Ordu tour.

Also, stores in Ordu Old Fidangör are promise a favorable shopping experience. Various kinds of high quality world brands are located in this pedestrian street that located in the city center.

Besides shopping, walking in the Old Fidangör is also very entertaining. To have a nice time in Ordu Old Fidangör, you can make shopping and relax with a coffee or, you can try restaurants offering various cuisines and have a delicious meal. Fidangör is a crowded street mostly, and there are street vendors selling chestnut, jewelry, mussel and all jazz up the ambiance of the street. There’s no chance of getting bored in this street, but if you get bored of walking in Old Fidangör, it is separated from the coast by a street only, you can change your mood by heading towards the coast, and enjoy the calm and clean sea after crowded stores.