1st. Day

You can start the day in the early hours of the morning with the sunrise creating a
visual feast by reflecting on the sea. Having a breakfast at a restaurant or café located on the coast and drinking your coffee will be the best way for starting the day.

After the breakfast, you can begin a tour starting from Old Fidangör towards New Fidangör (İsmet Paşa Street). After shopping in the stores that selling various products, you can try different world coffees that suit your taste and eat fresh pastries and desserts.

Then, you can direct your route to the coast and visit the Upside Down House located next to the cable car station. Your next stop will be Boztepe, a prominent place among the places to visit in Ordu… You will travel to Boztepe with a magnificent view by cable car and you can try Ordu Pide (A kind of Turkish pizza) at the restaurants serving local food with the unique scene of Boztepe and have fun in the Adventure Park.

Also, if you are an adrenaline enthusiast and if you don’t afraid of flying, you should
definitely try paragliding, from Boztepe’s green towards Black Sea’s blue.

If paragliding is not appropriate for you, continue your two day Ordu tour towards Cape
Jason. Cape Jason is a 20-minute car drive from the city center or you can get there in 40 minutes with the public transport. You can shoot photographs in every side of Jason’s
wonderful view, you can lie down on the grass, you can visit Jason Church and you take a coffee to get your energy back.

Before leaving the city, you should take a walk at the Ordu beach towards evening and boost your oxygen level. The ergonomic design of the coastal road is also convenient to make a pleasant bike tour. Then, you can end the first day of your Ordu tour with a delicious dinner selection that suits your taste and mood among a variety of modern restaurants located at the coast.

2nd. Day

You should start out immediately after breakfast. Firstly, you can visit the Taşbaşı
Church located by the sea and built by Orthodox Christians living in this region in 1853. In the past, this church was used as a prison for years, now it is serving as a cultural center.

Your other option is the Çiseli Watefall, located in the Karaloluk village, 26 km from center and the second most popular tourist attraction in Ordu. For those who want to stay in nature and enjoy the day by leaving everything behind, Çiseli Watefall, one of the places to visit in Ordu, is an option that you can find peace and comfort. You should definitely visit this amazing locating, one of the outstanding waterfalls of Turkey with its great nature and unspoiled beauty.